Recent Case Studies


  • Catasys’s solution (OnTrak) reduces medical costs by 54% for enrolled members. Catasys, Inc. harnesses proprietary big data predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and telehealth, and human intervention to deliver improved member health and cost savings to health plans through integrated technology enabled treatment solutions.

  • When RedChip was engaged, the price of the stock was $3.76. After months of the deployment of RedChip’scomprehensive platform, including digital media, Institutional and Retail Road-shows, outbound calling to retail and institutional accounts, the stock appreciated 252%.


Marker Therapeutics (NASDAQ:MRKR) - leader in the development of novel immunotherapies for cancer

  • Marker Therapeutics (TapImmune) is in four active Phase 2 clinical trials (six clinical trials in total) in the $100+ billion market for immunotherapy cancer drugs.

  • When RedChip was engaged, the price of the stock was $3.45 with average daily volume of 30,000. After four months of the deployment of RedChip’s comprehensive platform, including digital media, Institutional and Retail Road-shows, outbound calling to retail and institutional accounts, the stock’s average daily volume increased to 500,000 and stock appreciated 164%.


Level Brands (NYSE American: LEVB) -Licensing and brand management company, 10-year exclusive deal with Kathy Ireland

  • RedChip was hired on February 28, 2018 to increase awareness among retail investors, write press-releases, create fact sheets, develop capital markets strategy, and evaluate and edit investor power-points.

  • RedChip created fact sheet and deployed its digital media platform, creating a micro-ad and a TV interview while implementing a systematic outbound program to retail brokers, institutions, analysts and family offices. Volume in the first month increased by 75%.

  • RedChip also scheduled road-shows in New York with retail brokers, analysts and institutions in conjunction with their investment bank. Volume in the second month increased by over 100%.


Digital Ally (NASDAQ: DGLY) -Video body cameras for law enforcement

  • RedChip was hired in January 2018. RedChip’smission was to create awareness among retail and institutional investors and increase stock liquidity.

  • RedChip deployed its full outbound marketing to retail and institutional investors, using power-calls with large position builders while implementing a digital media marketing strategy. RedChipused CEO interviews, micro-ads, and blogs, complementing these measures with its robust nationwide TV platform on American Business TV.


Immuron (NASDAQ:IMRN) - Clinical stage biotech treating fatty liver disease

  • Immuron's IMM-124E is in three Phase 2 clinical trials for treating fatty liver diseases. RedChip was hired to facilitate banking relationships, develop its capital markets strategy, handle investor calls, edit press-releases and develop investor presentations, and importantly to increase awareness among retail and institutional investors.

  • RedChip introduced its investment banking network which resulted in a $9 million firm commitment underwriting. RedChip began its comprehensive program in November, 2017 when the stock was trading at $5.50. The stock over the next six months reached a high of $14.00, a 166% gain. RedChip deployed road-shows in five U.S. cities with retail and institutional investors, complemented by its outbound marketing program to retail and institutional investors. RedChip also deployed its comprehensive digital and TV media platform, generating 15,000 unique investor views.


Sorrento Therapeutics (NASDAQ: SRNE) - Clinical stage biotech with Car-T Technology

  • RedChip was hired on January 13, 2018 to increase awareness among institutional and retail investors. The stock appreciated 103% in the first 60 days of RedChip’s program.

  • RedChip deployed its comprehensive platform using outbound marketing to institutions and retail brokers, setting up power calls with large position builders, complementing the efforts with its weekly TV show platform on American Business TV, 100 million homes, and a select airing on Fox Business TV, 81 million homes.

  • RedChip also deployed its digital media platform using micro-ad videos, CEO interview, blog, and landing page, generating over 30,000 unique small-cap investor views. The stock appreciated 103%, trading as high as $9.95. The Company subsequently raised $120 million. The market cap increased by over $400 million under the RedChip platform. RedChip generated an estimated 1 million shares of buying by deploying its comprehensive platform.