Executive Team

Dave Gentry President and CEO of RedChip

Dave Gentry

President and CEO

Dave Gentry is the author of Small Stocks, Big Money (Wiley), a book of interviews with the world’s most successful small-cap investors. He has been a consultant to more than 400 public companies and assisted dozens of public companies in the up-listing and capital-raise process.

Paul Kuntz

Communications Director

Paul brings over 15 years of investor relations experience to RedChip. Prior to joining RedChip, he served as Managing Director of Lead Summit Advisers, a boutique communications consulting firm he founded, where he directed the development and implementation of a wide variety of communications programs for private and public companies in various sectors.

Devin Tipton Media Director at RedChip

Devin Tipton

Media Director

Devin's fascination for art, film, and animation was instilled in high school where he attended Marchmen Technical College.

Jon Cunningham Consultant at RedChip

Jon Cunningham


Jon specializes in global retail and institutional outreach with specific interest in North America. Over the last nine years, he has represented U.S. and international companies across all industry classifications.

Thomas Pfister, CFA Advisor at RedChip

Thomas Pfister, CFA

Equity Research Advisor

Mr. Pfister is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He has spent over six years researching and analyzing emerging growth companies in a variety of industries, including metals and mining, oil and gas, technology, biotechnology, and emerging market stocks.

JP Yoo Managing Director RedChip Korea at RedChip

JP Yoo

Managing Director RedChip Korea

Mr. Yoo began his finance career as a research analyst in the Private Client and Wealth Management Department of Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. (NYSE: OPY) He specialized in all matters related to publicly traded companies on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX, with a focus on creating unique customized solutions for executives and directors of publicly traded companies in both the United States and overseas.

Rafic Abou Fadel (R.A.F.) Managing Director RedChip Europe at RedChip

Rafic Abou Fadel (R.A.F.)

Managing Director RedChip Europe

Rafic Abou Fadel (R.A.F.) has more than 30 years’ experience in banking and business. He was the co-founder of Kast Telecom and has held numerous senior executive and director positions primarily in the New Technologies of Information and Communication sector.