Executive Team

Dave Gentry President and CEO of RedChip

Dave Gentry

President and CEO

Dave Gentry is the author of Small Stocks, Big Money (Wiley), a book of interviews with the world’s most successful small-cap investors. He has been a consultant to more than 700 public companies and assisted dozens of public companies in the up-listing and capital-raise process.

Todd McKnight VP of Investor Relations at RedChip

Todd McKnight

VP of Investor Relations

Todd McKnight, an entrepreneur by nature, appreciates a fundamental analytical macro approach to investing as a key to long term wealth creation. Upon attaining a degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech he learned the ins and outs of corporate finance and financial markets at American Express Financial Advisors and Northwestern Mutual moving on to manage and own a successful OSJ, with an asset management/investment banking focus in publicly traded oil & gas and mining companies.

Matt Sheldon Director of Public Relations at RedChip

Matt Sheldon

Director of Public Relations

Over his years of experience, Matt has enjoyed great successes and represented a diverse group of clients such as celebrity athletes NFL legend Jim Brown and Mike Tyson, fashion brand DKNY, governmental clients the FDNY, the PBA and Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, hotel chain Holiday Inn and real estate brokerage Douglas Elliman, in addition to other well known companies and brands in the corporate, banking, hospitality, construction, tech and real estate industries.

Tony Panaccio Director of Brand Mangement at RedChip

Tony Panaccio

Director of Brand Management

Tony is a 35-year media veteran, having started his career in the 1980s as a newspaper journalist for The Clearwater Sun, The Tampa Tribune and others. In 1989, Tony won the Florida Press Club Award for his eye-witness coverage of the execution of serial killer Ted Bundy, which is also where he met future producing partner John Wilson. He later shifted his career into public relations with video game producer Capstone, where he also scripted many of their games, including William Shatner's TekWar. During that period, he was Shatner's publicist for his various video game projects.

Paul Kuntz

Communications Director

Paul brings over 15 years of investor relations experience to RedChip. Prior to joining RedChip, he served as Managing Director of Lead Summit Advisers, a boutique communications consulting firm he founded, where he directed the development and implementation of a wide variety of communications programs for private and public companies in various sectors.

Devin Tipton Media Director at RedChip

Devin Tipton

Media Director

Devin's fascination for art, film, and animation was instilled in high school where he attended Marchmen Technical College.

Jon Cunningham Consultant at RedChip

Jon Cunningham

Host of the RedChip Money Report™ TV Show

Jon is the host of the RedChip Money Report™ TV show which airs on Bloomberg US Saturdays at 7 pm and Bloomberg International Sundays at 6 pm in every country in Europe. Jon formerly specialized in global retail and institutional outreach with specific interest in North America.

Thomas Pfister, CFA Advisor at RedChip

Thomas Pfister, CFA

Equity Research Advisor

Mr. Pfister is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He has spent over six years researching and analyzing emerging growth companies in a variety of industries, including metals and mining, oil and gas, technology, biotechnology, and emerging market stocks.

JP Yoo Managing Director RedChip Korea at RedChip

JP Yoo

Managing Director RedChip Korea

Mr. Yoo began his finance career as a research analyst in the Private Client and Wealth Management Department of Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. (NYSE: OPY) He specialized in all matters related to publicly traded companies on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX, with a focus on creating unique customized solutions for executives and directors of publicly traded companies in both the United States and overseas.